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Garage Band

Nothing to do with music
Everything to do with getting even

"Garage Band is an impressive bit of writing, near impossible to fault. Characters are realistic; dialogue flows naturally; the plot is complicated but logical, and the conclusion is utterly satisfying."
-Reader's Favorite Reviewer

Garage Band is an ingenious crime caper about a man who refused to take it lying down.

Lanthus Trilby is a regular, hard working actuary, who helped Charles Wagner build Eastland Insurance into the most successful insurance company in the country over the last seventeen years. But during a meeting with Charles, Lanthus discovers that the merger his boss is busy negotiating has implications far beyond acquiring new software. Lanthus is going to become obsolete, replaced by the new generation of software geniuses. Having helped Charles build the company, Lanthus is unceremoniously retrenched, and asked to go quietly. Lanthus is enraged.

On the way out of the office he thinks about keying Charles’ expensive Jaguar, but doesn’t have the nerve.

Lanthus’ family life is less than desirable. He’s married to Felicity, an overbearing wife, and has two disfunctional teenaged children with whom he hardly has a relationship. After an argument with Felicity one afternoon, Lanthus storms out of the house to get a drink, and meets up with an explosives expert. Lanthus hatches a grander plan than taking his anger out on Charles’ car. With the help of the demolitions expert, he is going to bring the whole of Eastland Insurance to its knees.

In order to take down the giant, Lanthus’s plan has to be bold and daring. It’s going to take a team of experts to pull this off. He’s going to need a hacker, a daredevil, and a pair of gravity-defying acrobats, plus a few specially modified extras.

But as soon as Lanthus’s grand plan takes shape, the police are hot on his heels, and some people Lanthus could never have expected to appear on the scene threaten to destroy everything.

Reader's Favorite

Reviewed by Viga Boland for Readers' Favorite

Ever met a creative genius? Read Garage Band and you'll meet two of them. The first is the author, Adam Alexander; the second is his protagonist, Lanthus Trilby. And Lanthus is surrounded by a supporting cast of colourful characters, each of whom is a genius in his or her own field, whether it is hacking into complex security systems, or swinging from building to building as easily as Tarzan does from trees. This Garage Band does not create music. It creates mayhem for a massive corporation, security companies, police and computer experts. This Garage Band is a group of highly talented and skilled individuals brought together by Lanthus Trilby when he is suddenly let go after years of service as an actuary for an insurance company.

Tired of being dismissed by his boss and co-workers, along with his wife and children, as being competent but dull, "beige" as it were, Lanthus launches a scheme that proves how very much everyone has underestimated his genius. His plans to financially bring down his former employers by threatening to destroy an entire shopping center parking lot full of expensive cars are pure genius. Lanthus Trilby's plot is so convoluted that one readily grasps the concept that genius is very close to insanity. And as all hell breaks loose everywhere, readers are simultaneously holding their breaths and smiling as they turn the pages of a book written by a creative genius, Adam Rabinowitz.

Garage Band is an impressive bit of writing, near impossible to fault. Characters are realistic; dialogue flows naturally; the plot is complicated but logical, and the conclusion is utterly satisfying. Those who will enjoy this book are intelligent, clued into the ramifications, both good and bad, of modern technology, and love a well-thought out and executed plot. But these readers will also have a soft side that understands how losing a job after years of loyal service can unravel an employee. They will identify with family members losing touch with each other to the point that they don't even know each other.

In its own way, Garage Band is about music, the music of life, where harmony isn't possible unless all the players are in sync and in tune with each other. Lanthus Trilby makes sure his garage band knows their parts perfectly till the very last note is played. And Adam Alexander deserves the applause readers will give Garage Band.

Robyn Castles - Blythering Bibliomaniacs

I received this book in an online competition and am THRILLED to have it as part of my collection now.

The Book
Lanthus Trilby is an actuary at an insurance company, a husband and father to an uninterested and unappreciative family and living under the shadow of a far more successful brother in law, which his wife Felicity never hesitates to remind him about. He's given 17 years of his life to his job, so when the a**holes retrench him, he is less than impressed, in fact he's down right ravenous for revenge. >br>Meeting a bomb expert at a bar on Fathers Day (having slaved away for everyone else and getting no rest for himself), he finds himself plotting a scheme so great, the world would HAVE to stand up and pay attention.

A bomb expert, a gymnast/cage fighter, a university student/hacker, and The Lovers come together under Lanthus' still developing leadership as The Garage Band. Failure is not an option.

What I loved
1. Lanthus' internal dialogue had me in stitches, Adam has done an incredible job at making everything he comments on completely relatable and realistic.
2. The plot - there is no slow intro here, you've got your character introduction and then BOOM we're straight into the story
3. I was desperate to fast forward to the last page. I couldn't wait to get to the end of this book, purely because I needed to know whether the GB succeeded or not.

What I didn't love
1. Even though I couldn't wait to get to the end, I didn't want it to end.

I was beyond excited when I first read about this book, so when I received a copy I had to make sure I could devote 100% of my attention to it. Adam has managed to put together a story that remains focused on the main character, but still providing sufficient spot light for other characters that the tale never gets boring. The dialogue is witty, often sarcastic and even heart warming, as we see the bond of the group strengthen the closer to D-Day they get. Adam's ability to describe the South African consumer hot spot of Sandton was brilliant, better words I could not have chosen. He even manages to incorporate just a hint of political scandal without dulling the overall tone of the book.

It is a fresh take on a well known subject of getting even with the 'big dog', never before have I felt as satisfied to read the words "You're fired" as with this book.

Andrew Christie - Books and Everything

Now we’re talking! A dose of Robert P. Parker, a shot of Carl Hiaasen, and a smidgeon of Donald E. Westlake, all mixed in a shaker called South Africa.

South Africa has produced some fantastic crime writers, but has been sorely lacking in what I call “West Coast” crime – books seated in crime, but on a chair of humour.

Eccentric and quirky characters, including an actuary, a female cage fighter and a husband-and-wife acrobat team, populate a story that moves as quickly as a Hollywood blockbuster. Rabinowitz has created a tight, well-planned heist that his characters execute in a believable manner. Even more importantly, the plot evolves smoothly with the reader skilfully directed and misdirected by Rabinowitz’s talented writing.

Perhaps what I enjoyed most about “Garage Band” is how the novel remains witty and amusing, without degenerating into slapstick and, similarly, how the intricacies of the plotting never collapse into a reading experience characterised by endless mental notes.

Rather, “Garage Band” is simply a thundering good caper filled with crime and good fun.

Neville Howson

Fathers day was just about to be a non-event for Lanthus Trilby, who woke up to no smiling faces, no father's day cards and no presents. Instead his wife Felicity had lovingly prepared a Father's day lunch for her father Steve and her brother Arthur, a good looking, wealthy successful businessman, the polar opposite to Lanthus.

And so began a day in the life of Lanthus Trilby, a hard working, middle class husband and father who finds himself at the precipice, his world about to spiral out of control both at home and at work.

Could it get any worse? Yes. Lanthus Trilby was about to be made redundant. What would be the catalyst to give him back control not only of his life, but also his job and his self worth?

Enter the dark underbelly world of Johannesburg's Northern Suburbs and find out how Lanthus Trilby goes about plotting revenge against the machine that had just derailed his very existence.

The new exciting South African thriller, Garage Band, by author Adam Rabinowitz, is guaranteed to keep you intrigued until the very end. A must read SA thriller. Highly recommended


Garage Band keeps the reader deeply engaged and vested with the characters. The book is a page-turner that will keep you up at night in anticipation. A highly enjoyable read that keeps the twists coming. Well worth the read as are Alexander's other works.

Adri Zaayman

Garage Band succeeds in delivering an entertaining, and delightfully South African take on a caper that is clever enough to keep you interested and surprised throughout without inducing headache. I found myself rooting for the unlikely heroes throughout, and was still grinning when I turned the last page.

Adrian Holme

Adam Alexander has delivered a fantastic read which kept me riveted from start to finish. Set close to home, I completely related to the characters, and will view the locations with a new perspective. Thoroughly enjoyable, with well-timed off-beat humor that broke up the tension nicely.

Highly recommend Garage Band.


Revenge is sweet. There is nothing sweeter than the taste of revenge against a large insurance company that has wronged you, especially if you are one of their own employees.

Lanthus Trilby was such an employee. For seventeen years, he was a dedicated employee, rarely missing a day of work, keeping a low profile, always complying to the tasks given to him. Lanthus, husband to a complacent wife, and father of two teenagers full of angst has reached his limit when the company that he has dedicated his entire life to decides his services are no longer needed. Lanthus has reached the very limit of his patience.

And that's when he starts his plot for revenge. Together with a team, Lanthus has decided to take down the large insurance company.

Having personally been through a similar situation as Lanthus, I thoroughly enjoyed reading this story unfold. To me, it was a very relatable experience, and I found myself cheering him on every step of the way, imagining myself in Lanthus' place and his company was mine.

Plenty of dark humor, yet light hearted suspense makes this a compelling read.

I received this ARC for an honest review.