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Garage Band
Nothing to do with music.
Everything to do with getting even.

"...There is no slow intro here, you've got your character introduction and then BOOM we're straight into the story. I was desperate to fast forward to the last page...Even though I couldn't wait to get to the end, I didn't want it to end."
-Blythering Bibliomanics Reviewer

After helping to build the Eastland Insurance company for 17 years, Lanthus Trilby is retrenched without warning, to make way for te new generation. Angry and betrayed, the passive actuary wants to let his boss feel his rage. His initial plans of keying his boss’s car escalate beyond merely blowing it up. Lanthus is going to take the entire company down.

His plan needs a team with special skills. The hacker, the daredevil, the explosives expert and the acrobatic pair join Lanthus to pull off the most daring caper the world has ever seen which will bring Eastland Insurance to its knees.

But as soon as the plan is in motion, trouble sets in. The police are closing in, and someone else wants a piece of the action. Can Lanthus keep it together long enough to pull off his master plan?

“witty, often sarcastic and even heart warming…Lanthus’ dialogue had me in stitches”

- The Blityering Bibliomaniacs

“Adam Alexander deserves the applause readers will give Garage Band.”

- Readers' Favorite

"Now we’re talking! Witty and amusing ... a thundering good caper filled with crime and good fun.”

- Books and Everything

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Adam Alexander

About the Author

Adam Alexander is a multi-talented writer who has demonstrated his skill across multiple genres. His characters are just real enough to fall in love with, and just dark enough to doubt. His books have begun to gather international acclaim. Garage Band was among only a handful of titles to be nominated as runner up in the Shelf Unbound Best Indie Book of the Year competition, and the same title received a glowing Reader-s Favorite 5-Stars.

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