Hoppy Easter giveaway hop

Thanks for stopping by my website on this really cool Easter Hop, and thanks to Mary at Bookhounds for planting all these fun gems to explore.

I live in South Africa, and we’re in total lockdown right now. Can’t even leave the house except to go hunt for easter eggs in the garden or to hide the Passover matzah under the sofa. What a surreal time to be alive. The words “how are you?” suddenly seem to have meaning.

I’ve been keeping myself busy by writing the fourth novel in the Garage Band series. This will be my 10th novel. I love to play on words and the title of this book is exactly that. The original book has got nothing to do with music at all. You get to find out why it’s called Garage Band in the middle of the book. It’s been described as a “rollicking good read.”

It’s also just after Easter, and what a really crazy time it’s been with people celebrating both Easter and Passover without being allowed to attend services or invite the whole family over. It makes you appreciate so many things in life that we’ve taken for granted.

And speaking of life and living, let me tell you about the book I’m giving away, Lips of an Angel. This book won a Notable Indie badge in the 2019 Shelf Unbound Best Indie Book Competition. It’s about love and destiny, about fate and future. What if you could know how your story is going to end? What if you could look into the future, and you didn’t like what you saw?

Riley works with life and death every day. One patient dies, another lives. She’s the organ transplant co-ordinator, and hers is an emotionally demanding job. But she discovers that the voices she’s been hearing belong to an angel that shows her the future. She meets Ethan, a troubled young man mourning the death of his brother, seeking justice for his murder. Neither of them is looking for love, but Riley’s Angel shows her the future and she can’t escape her fate. She will fall in love with Ethan, but his fate is already sealed. Can Riley and her angel fight destiny to save the one she loves?

Lips of an Angel will make you laugh, it will make you cry, you’ll be biting your nails and reaching for the tissues. Lips of an Angel will leave your soul feeling uplifted and refreshed.

Lips of an Angel is a very appropriate giveaway at this time while we’re talking about all things spiritual and supernatural. Since we’re on Lockdown here in SA and I can’t get my printed books in the mail for another 3 weeks, I’m giving away 5 ebook copies of Lips of an Angel, plus one lucky winner will get a signed paperback copy when the lockdown is over.

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