Porter’s way. Porter’s Rules. You can be a good cop all your life. Even a great cop. But it only takes one bad decision to bring it all down.

All women are trouble. No exceptions. Rule #2. But when he sees her sitting in the Diner, her green eyes deep with sadness, Matt Porter has to be the hero. No good deed goes unpunished.

Suddenly his career is in ruins, someone is trying to kill him, and there’s a conspiracy that goes all the way to the office of the Governor.

Everyone’s a victim, and no-one can escape the grasp that’s suffocating the City. Matt Porter won’t give up. He’s the only one that can release the stranglehold.

Can he save his own life, and his career as he struggles to stay alive and find out who really controls the city? Who is the girl with the sad green eyes, and why did it all start to unravel the day Porter met her?

Slave to the City is the first book in the Porter’s Rule Detective Series. The series follows the challenges of Matt Porter, a stubborn, witty and cynical detective trying to survive in a world of power and crime. If you love detective novels, this one has got it all; romance, suspense, thriller, drama… Porter will have you re-evaluating your own rules.



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Will Porter find out who is threatening he’s life? Can he redeem himself or will he lose his job and his heart in one fell swoop? Porter’s Rule: Slave to the City is a detective thriller that grabs you from the first line. You’ll be sitting on the edge of your seat as Porter finds himself facing one impossible decision after another in this suspense –filled, action-packed story.


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