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Riley’s just come out of a relationship torn apart by lies. While nursing her bruised heart she’s avoiding men at all cost. Ethan’s convinced the cops aren’t even trying to find his brother’s killer. He doesn’t have time for love, not when his brother’s killer is still free. When Riley meets a medium with a direct line to the angels, she’s intrigued. The more she listens to the voices of angels the more she learns about a dimension few know about. But there is one angel that has a message only Riley can hear. A message that will change her world forever.



He’s just your average back room mid career numbers guy, until he gets fired. Then all hell breaks loose. The quiet ones - they’re the ones you have to worry about. They say hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. Hell hasn’t met Lanthus Trilby.

Garage Band gets a Reader’s Favorite 5 Stars, and was a Runner Up in the Shelf Unbound Best Indie Book of the Year Competition (2016).Read More


What's he up to now ?

"I thought I’d take a break from writing after i finished my latest book in less than 90 days (you can read more about my 90-day challenge here), but then I came across a story outline I wrote down one day all the way back in 2013, and that got me started again. So, I’m back at my keyboard again, working on novel #8. I’m not going to hammer through this one in 90 days, but watch this post to see what I’m up to. This one’s gonna fry your mind."

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