It's not the secret that kills. It's the one hiding it.

Detective Dave Malatsi is dealing with his own problems when he gets called to a remote lodge in the Natal mountains where a twenty-five-year school reunion has gone horribly wrong. Mike Anderson's body was discovered floating the pool, stabbed twelve times.

As Malatsi investigates the murder, things become more and more tense for the guests now confined to the lodge. Everyone has a motive. Sixteen guests, sixteen suspects, one body. Who would want to kill Mike Anderson? The plot runs deeper than it appears on the surface. A storm has cut off access to and from the lodge, and there's a murderer lurking among them.

Everyone's lives are in danger as Malatsi battles against time and the elements to uncover a dark secret that threatens everyone trapped in the lodge.


Band on the Run

Getting even is one thing.

Staying there is another.

A global chase. An international fugitive. And hundreds of millions of dollars. He’d give it all up to see his kids just one more time.

He got his revenge but he had to disappear from everyone, including his kids. To get them back, Lanthus Trilby has to come out of hiding, and that’s exactly what Detective Muller was counting on.

Lanthus Trilby desperately wants to make contact with his kids, but the relentless Detective Muller has never given up his search for the fugitive who held Sandton City to ransom.

Muller is cunning and relentless, and will do whatever it takes to bring Lanthus Trilby to justice, even if it means chasing him half way across the world. With little time to plan, Lanthus has to do the impossible to avoid getting caught.

The Garage Band is back for one more thrilling, edge-of-your seat caper, even bolder and more daring. Everything is at stake for the Band on the Run.


Lost. Found. Repurposed.
(a Garage Band Story)

On the outside, she’s a petite, pretty girl looking for a thrill. On the inside, she’s a fearless loose cannon, an adrenaline junkie spiralling towards her own self-destruction.

Some people get a rush out of racing a superbike or jumping out of an aeroplane with a parachute strapped to their backs. For Isabella, no thrill was ever enough. Each one only heightened her desire to toy with death. She always thought she had a love for danger, a thirst for another adrenaline rush, but it was Wallace who saw immediately the two things she was desperately searching for. Her life changed the from the moment he gave them to her. Family and purpose.

Everyone's lives are in danger as Malatsi battles against time and the elements to uncover a dark secret that threatens everyone trapped in the lodge.But Wallace has secrets that he won’t share, not even with the girl he’s unofficially adopted as his own daughter and brought into his covert underworld. He’s planning one last job, and not even Isabella knows the real reason behind it.

What does it take to repurpose a highly volatile thrill seeker? Read, and find out what makes Garage Band’s daredevil tick.


Garage Band - Afrikaanse Uitgawe

Garage Band, die gewilde wraakverhaal deur Adam Alexander, is nou in Afrikaans beskikbaar. Lanthus Trilby wil wraak neem teen sy vorige baas omdat hy hom na sewentien jaar se lojale diens afgedank het.

Moenie die stil mense onderskat nie. Hulle kan die meeste skade doen.

Lees hier meer oor Garage Band in Afrikaans.


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