Garage Band
Nothing to do with Music. Everything to do with getting even.

A tale about revenge by Adam Alexander

"Now we’re talking! …witty and amusing… a thundering good caper filled with crime and good fun.”

- Books and Everything

After helping to build the Eastland Insurance company for 17 years, Lanthus Trilby is retrenched without warning, to make way for “younger, brighter” minds. Angry and betrayed, the passive actuary wants to let his boss feel his rage. His initial plans of keying his boss’s car escalate beyond merely blowing it up. Lanthus is going to take down the entire company. But his plan needs a team with special skills.

The hacker, the daredevil, the explosives expert and the acrobatic pair join Lanthus to pull off the most daring caper the world has ever seen to bring Eastland Insurance to its knees.

But as soon as the plan is in motion, trouble sets in. The police are closing in, and someone else wants a piece of the action. Can Lanthus keep it together long enough to pull off his master plan?


Garage Band is set in Sandton, Johannesburg, and you'll feel right at home as the story unfolds around you. The characters are truly South African, from Lanthus Trilby, the quiet actuary who has never set a foot wrong his whole life, to Reyno, the demolitions man, ex Potch military, and the relentless Detective Muller. You'll be taken to places you know and recognize, and after Garage Band, they'll never be the same again.

Garage Band is thrilling, heartwarming, funny, and clever, the kind of entertainment you need to transport you to another world and make you forget about the madness going on in the world around you.

Join Lanthus Trilby for the first of 4 books in the Garage Band series.

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Awards and recognition


Garage Band was awarded a Runner Up badge in the Shelf Unbound Best Indie Book of the Year competition 2016.


Reader's Favorite 5 Stars

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Interviews with Adam Alexander

(From Caxton Article, September 2019)

Which is your favourite of all your books?

I think my favorite book is Garage Band. It’s the story of an ordinary guy who gets retrenched, and decides to stick it to his ex-boss and take revenge. Except he doesn’t direct his revenge at his ex-boss, he’s going to take the whole company down. It’s a light hearted crime thriller with some great, witty lines, and an ingenious plot. I think I identify with the main character in this book because he’s not the big action hero. He’s just an ordinary guy, living an ordinary life, who goes way out of his comfort zone to pull off his insanely ingenious plan.

When you first encounter Lanthus, the main character, you want to slap him and shout “Grow a pair!!” And as you follow him through the story, you watch him transform. In a way there’s some of my own story in his journey. Except I didn’t try to blow up Sandton City like Lanthus did. I went on a journey of self-discovery somewhere between the ages of 35 and 45 and emerged a completely different person. I see that in Lanthus, the main character of the book too.

Where did you get the idea for Garage Band?

The idea for Garage Band came from way too many Saturday mornings spent at shopping malls. My wife and I were in Sandton City one Saturday morning, an she noticed a G-Wagon parked next to a souped up Merc AMG. She said those two cars alone were worth about R5 Million. Then I commented that the parking lot of Sandton City must be worth more than the building itself. And then I had an evil thought, which I turned into the premise for a novel, and so Garage Band was born. No spoilers here, it’s like the Mouse Trap. Read it but don’t give the ending away.

The story is typical of all my novels – there's the set up where you meet the main characters and his crucible, there's the setup where they hatch the plan and you get all tensed up at what they're about to do, and then they start, and literally from the minute they kick off, everything goes wrong. It's a nail-biting thriller ride, and probably one of my best novels. It used to be my wife's favourite until Lips of an Angel, and then that one stole the show – at least for her.

Up until Garage Band, I'd written Lost Soul – Immortality, which is a Fantasy thriller, and Porter's Rule Slave to the City, a crime thriller with a proper action hero as the main character. For Garage Band I wanted to try something completely different. I wanted it to be a comedy firstly, and secondly, I wanted the hero to be a complete anti-hero, so I chose the least likely person you'd expect to be at the center of a plot like Garage Band.

The whole thing turned out pretty well if I say so myself. Garage Band is probably the best selling of all my books, and has been turned into an Audio Book, a screenplay, and was the first of my books to be translated into Afrikaans.